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Stump Service

We provide you with a comprehensive tree removal plan based on our years of technical experience

Living around a flourishing tree is a beautiful thing that is also a blessing in itself; having birds and animals live in it, children playing around it and on it, what a sight to behold! But if the same tree is in the form of a stubborn, dead stump, it is nothing short of a menace. It not only is unsightly but also is an impediment to your various plans and designs that you would like to implement in the form of garden landscaping or maybe building a patio to host amazing parties for your family and friends. But a tree stump, despite being dead, is still invincible, especially since a tree’s roots hold on to the ground with an inch of its ‘life.’ If you reside anywhere in the New Jersey area, needing to get rid of the tree strump on your property, then you have the best option available to you in the form of Angel Tree Service, the experts of handling the trees at their best and worst forms.





Lawn and Landscaping Trunk Grinding Service

Tree stump removal has a significant influence on your property. This complicated task of cutting is done with a high-powered blade, which is significantly more cost-effective and does not require any extra landscaping to cover up the empty space that is left behind. Trunk grinding will also remove any troublesome roots protruding from the ground, leaving an evenly flat surface, perfect for landscaping.

More than often tree, shrub, and stump removal are optional, there are numerous advantages to doing so, and it may be necessary in some if you have any aesthetic plans in mind for your backyard. The roots may become a menace to the safety of people and home, especially if they are not ground down. In addition to posing a tripping danger to people, a tree stump may damage your lawn care equipment when they collide with hard materials. It may also attract a variety of insects such as termites and ants that flourish in stumps, and they may eventually make their way inside your home, inflicting damage to it and causing a nuisance to people living in it.

Angel Tree Service is the best company in New Jersey for trees, and strump removal is highly recommended for the following –

  • Creating more lawn space for comfort or landscaping
  • Removing termite and pest habitats
  • Getting rid of tripping hazards
  • Keeping the stump from growing back


Stump Removal or Stump Grinding?

Stump removal is a time-consuming process that can damage the property in some instances; hence stump grinding can also be opted for as it is a less invasive method of removing stumps that don’t cause excessive damage to your property.

The stump removal procedure is the more time-consuming. It entails digging out all of the tree’s extensive roots after pulling up the tree stump. To get the task done, you’ll need time, effort, and powerful equipment. But after stump removal, you’ll have a blank canvas to work with for any new landscaping ideas you have. However, stump removal will leave a large unsightly hole in the ground that will require it to be filled or covered (an extra task).

Stump grinding requires far less effort, for which an arborist utilizes a machine to entirely shred the stump into small woodchips. Grinding can be more efficient when compared to stump removal but only in a few scenarios depending on your requirement or plans for the future, although it does leave the roots of the tree behind.

With their pros and cons, both stump grinding and removal can be feasible options depending on your needs, and if you are not sure which option is best for you, then Angel Tree Service can provide you with an expert assessment to help you in coming to a decision. Once you know what has to be done with the tree’s stump, all you need to do is give us a call, and we shall come down to your property with our best team and high-grade equipment to clear the land and give you a spotless canvas of land to paint your vision of a beautiful garden or vibrant backyard.

Angel Tree Service in New Jersey is a certified arborist, and we understand

the risks involved in tree stump removal. So, we always encourage people to hire a professional company like ours. When any clients contact us for stump removal, we employ state-of-the-art equipment to get rid of the tree stump and work to remove the remaining roots safely, and with our valid permit, you don’t have to worry about the legal formalities or troubles.

So, you can stop postponing your plans of upgrading your backyard just because an obstinate stump has been standing in your way of executing your plans. When you decide to remove the stump, simply employ the Angel Tree Service team, and we shall make it happen in no time.


You also get to sit back and enjoy the show when we get our heavy-duty equipment to pull out that hefty stump from the ground; it is hard work, but it will all be worth it!

For more information or to get the emergency tree service, you can contact us.

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